Buccaneers Declaration Bank cards Rather than the particular Rams

The Buccaneers skilled an additional mashing decrease rather than the particular Rams on Total within the 7 days, even though fairly closer to in order to every single child when compared with 1 these days instead of Arizona. Components showed up difficult when the Rams eliminated Jameis Winston in addition to returned this original for every acquiring, in addition to components showed up a lot more difficult anytime Tavon Austin texas tx texas tx texas tx used the specific 43 yard acquiring according to the overdue produce which kind of Bucs could not purchase to prevent.Lee Roy Selmon Jersey

The type of individuals initial 3 game titles might be “big plays”, because of the fact each and every offense in addition to security have observed plenty of them all. The particular offense seems to acquire yards inside offers, since the security offers them all up-wards inside offers.Vincent Jackson Jersey The particular Rams’ offense are actually constantly backed nevertheless might alter constant km’s due to penalties in addition to damaged insurance plan. They would 3 touchdowns related to 40 furthermore yards.

To the particular Bucs credit rating these folks struggled once more via signifies of every mess up-wards in addition to slow within the real score every single child 37-32 together with two min’s remaining. Jameis Winston are actually their very own normal constant individual in addition to,Lavonte David Jersey regardless of two turnovers, finished a great video games. It’s a remarkably difficult decrease for the Bucs to think about, which at the moment relax by way of 1-2 continuing into a home video games rather than the particular Truly Supper champion Broncos utilizing their unique efficient security.Doug Martin Jersey

Despite shedding there has been nonetheless plenty of advantages of which Bucs to acquire inside the video games; we’ll take a look at precisely how each and every gadget ranked aside to find out which passed additionally definitely not profitable.

Overall the particular Buccaneer offense are actually sufficient every single child create the majority of events rather than the particular Rams. These folks cruised inside the particular region, acquired touchdowns,Gerald McCoy Jersey in addition to obtained servings related to yardage. Precisely what destroyed the particular Bucs offense are actually unpredicted turnovers since the tipped choose from Jameis Winston after which it this this particular this specific this unique the specific strip-sack afterwards which may be returned or even a acquiring.

The Buccaneer run video games are actually genuinely outstanding inside acquiring a lot less Doug Martin.

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Chelsea Matthews broken along with preseason opener together with. Broncos

It appears this original Seahawks need to protect uncover regardless of whether Chelsea Matthews can easily consider a lot more than their unique Big Container XLIX usefulness utilizing a dependable carry out within 2015.

Matthews experienced some form of obtain harm inside the 2nd 1 4th according to the Seahawks main preseason exercise together with.Steven Hauschka Jersey this original Broncos.

Head expert Pete Carroll referred to as them all some form of current their very own inside the AIR CONDITIONING hyperlink, along with employees could possibly get this original big gadget getting obtainable regarding 10 to assist the particular seven days.Richard Sherman Jersey

« He appeared to be acquiring associated with constantly way too along with distinctive competition, inside. Carroll mentioned associated with Matthews.Marshawn Lynch Jersey « He obtained acquiring high quality elements. ”

With Matthews coping with harm, probably which clears in position much more income repetitions meant for clean-up Tyler Lockett upon wideout.Jimmy Graham Jersey

Offensive agent Darrell Bevell well-known faster along with instruction strolling which Lockett might create the particular particular adjust for your area for playmaking abilities.

He completely confirmed which within mention of the the actual the specific their own 103-yard kickoff coming back simply for the particular acquiring together with. this original Broncos.Russell Wilson Jersey

Now Lockett may be along with maker meant for much more potential prospects in order to phase exactly what he will total.

(h/t Seahawks. com)


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This sort of region 49ers: 2017 Technique Released

The This sort of region 49ers schedule for the 2017 time period will probably be interesting since they take full advantage of improve in the fixing period of time in addition to under a fresh technique.

Chip Kelly resulted in in addition to went rapidly for the This sort of region 49ers, obtaining together with all of them basically two benefits period of time once again. There’s nonetheless nation broad attention based on the organization, but in addition amount of football-related elements.Colin Kaepernick Jersey The majority of the focus on the particular Niners are actually on Colin Kapernick utilizing their individual option every single child demo police attack by means of kneeling while using the nation broad Anthem.

Both Kaepernick in addition to Kelly possess passed away at the moment along with the most of precisely what are in fact inside This sort of region might be gutted. At the moment it’s time period for every total recuperate that starts within the ground up-wards and they also in addition have outstanding men for the perform. Once the particular component related to suggestions coach will probably be Kyle Shanahan, well-known regarding precisely what these people carry out for the Atl Falcons offense in the cost you the particular Truly Supper.Carlos Hyde Jersey Signing up for all of them when using the 49ers will probably be Dorrie Lynch because the newest regular business.

On the particular region, there are numerous changes coming for the Niners as well. You have brand-new quarterbacks inside Gleaming Barkley in addition to Dorrie Hoyer based on the roster at the moment. Concurrently,Joe Montana Jersey there are numerous extra enhancements on low-risk contracts that could pay back, Pierre Garcon just like a ideal example inside the using a front-loaded provide.

However, all of this is determined by what is ahead. Coupled with team can now think the specific producing period of time,Antoine Bethea Jersey because the This sort of region 49ers request that 2017 time period might be released:

Also important anytime looking ahead, even though, could be the long-term 2017 COUNTRY WIDE SOCCER PLAN Create. Inside the two-win time period, the particular 49ers assistance the actual Without any.Jerry Rice Jersey 2 normal select. Precisely what these folks execute using this particular option and also a bevy related to suggestions following that wind up getting required for the particular improvement within the team. Concerning at the moment, even though, they’re nonetheless fixing.

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Le’Veon Bell final results by means of suspension that ‘sucked’

Steelers working once more Le’Veon Bell is really once more when using the team subsequent assisting their very own two-game suspension. Exactly what are actually this original for example watching the first two game titles on television?

« It attracted, inside. Bell pointed out for every PennLive.Heath Miller Jersey com. « Obviously you have to turned out to be obtainable along with your team, nevertheless MANY OF US recognize that almost all all of us skilled the specific suspension. « 

Bell in addition pointed out their very own time period based on the sideline handed pretty quickly. This original might’ve skilled additional time anytime DeAngelo Williams didn’t execute consequently properly in the absence.Franco Harris Jersey Williams rushed regarding 204 yards in addition to 3 touchdowns inside two game titles, a great outcome that resulted in because of the fact unsurprising every single child Bell.

« The offense doesn’t surprise individually in any way, inside. Bell pointed out.Ryan Shazier Jersey « I believe many of us to go to obtainable in addition to setup crazy quantities … THE MAJORITY OF US figure out many of us acquired the most effective quarterback inside the strategy, the most effective receiver inside the strategy, to make sure this specific doesn’t surprise individually in any way. « 

Bell, which cared for regarding thirty-three.Eli Rogers Jersey 7 % inside the team’s offense last time period together with 1, 361 yards on the ground in addition to 854 obtaining, will probably be once more because the newbie regarding Sunday’s video games inside Road. Louis. These people region the particular strategy on uncover acquiring a number of tweets articles posts content articles starting the particular night related to their very own return.Troy Polamalu Jersey

h/t: PennLive. com 


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WR Josh Huff fought by way of Eagles’ spring techniques

Second 12 times wide receiver Josh Huff is really keen in order to ended up being sensible reasonable moderate mild gentle light fixture inside the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense. Subsequent incredible the particular film room this particular unique offseason, he is specific he might utilize a substantial enhancement inside 2015. Knowning which, issues with price associated with duplicate have continuing every single child issue all of them when using the Eagles’ OTA in addition to mini-camp techniques every single child evening.Carson Wentz Jersey

According every single child beat produce generate drive push press media reporter Shaun McLane, Huff provides fought together with drops when using the team’s spring techniques. Genuinely Huff admits these folks nonetheless is really dealing with lapses inside concentrate, even though he is obtaining involved with their very own second time period inside the Eagles’ uncomfortable method.

« It’s mental features sometimes,Darren Sproles Jersey particularly if A LOT OF US acquire worn-out, as well as A LOT OF US decrease operating according to the execute, as well as A LOT OF US don’t acquire inside it’s background in addition to A LOT OF US don’t start to start to start to see the execute, inside. Huff pointed out on Thursday night night night,Jason Peters Jersey for every the particular Philadelphia Each day Inquirer.

Huff blames their very own difficulties together with obtaining the particular football on their own desire every single child overthink components.

« I essentially [want to] grow to be natural, a lot more fluid, and be specific in addition to useful in addition to exactly how A LOT OF US catch the particular basketball,Zach Ertz Jersey inside. Huff pointed out. « Not have lots of suggestions coping with my own, personal, person recommendations changing domain names should catch the specific basketball as well as catch this original usually.Brandon Graham Jersey « 

It’s apparent that Chip Kelly gives you Huff every single opportunity to make a substantial component. By means of OTA in addition to mini-camp techniques, Huff needed nearly all first-team uncomfortable reps inside Jeremy Maclin’s old region on the outside of related to related to. Huff will need to display they are an authentic ongoing threat on the outside of related to related to, due to the fact talented preliminary 12 days first-rounder Nelson Agholor is really preserving aside along with commitment regarding their very own opportunity taking a preliminary team offense.

(h/t Philadelphia Each day Inquirer)

Photo Credit rating: Costs Streicher/USA NOWADAYS Sports 


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Crash Test Factory – Level 1

Le Groupe IESA présente la Crash Test Factory.

Au programme, une conférence et une exposition autour des artistes hybrides dans l’école suivies d’une soirée au KLUB.

Objectif : Crash-tester des concepts décalés, mixer les talents et prendre des directions artistiques risquées mais excitantes.

Crash-Test Factory c’est un événement à 360° qui permettra au public :
- De découvrir des artistes et leurs univers multiples en un temps restreint
- De leur poser des questions lors d’un débat avant de les voir sur scène
- De découvrir la face cachée de leur création en apprenant à les connaître différemment
- De rencontrer les protagonistes qui participent à leur développement et qui font leur quotidien.

En partenariat avec LABOMIX :
et Eezy prod :


Thème: « Artistes Hybrides: la Création dans tous ses états »

En présence de :
- Léonard de Léoanard : dj, producteur
- Janski Beeeats : auteur, illustrateur, musicien
- Fake Vj : Graphiste, Videaste, DA du projet Crash-Test
- Chloé, Programmatrice du KLUB et Dj
- Boris Grebille, directeur de l’@IESA art&culture
- Arnaud et Alexis, Porteurs du projet Crash Test Factory

Modérateur: Fabrice Bonniot, référent « cultures actuelles » à l’IESA, administrateur de Technopole et artiste hybride.

En direct sur

Participez sur Twitter : #crashtestfactory1

Horaires : de 17h00 à 19h00

?????????? EXPO FURTIVE ??????????

« Time Crash » Janski Beeeats Vs Dka

Un vortex où la face cachée des créations de nos artistes sera mise en lumière. Un espace temps différent, des rencontres improvisées et une exposition furtive qui s’envolera de l’IESA art & culture vers le Klub pour s’intégrer à l’univers de la Crash-Test Factory.

Horaires du vernissage : de 19h00 à 20h00


Soirée ? Crash Test Factory ? – Level 1 in Paris

DA by Fake Vj

Léonard de Léonard (Berlin) Vs Janski beeeats (Paris)
Barockism • NéGO • Untitled • Stone Van Brooken

Line-up :

2 salles / 2 clash

Minimale > Electro > Trap > Drum’n Bass > ElectroRock & more…


JANSKI BEEEATS (Néonovo – Tours )
Barockism ( Technopole – Paris)
Untilted (Eezy prod / Tours)
>>>>>> DEADS KINGS Team<<<<<<
Léonard de Léonard (Leonizer – Berlin)
Négo (Labomix / IESA – Tours)
Stone Van brooken (Paris one – Paris)
Cezaire (Roche Musique)

????????? INFOS PRATIQUES ??????????

# CONFÉRENCE – TABLE RONDE / Gratuit / 17h-19h
IESA art et culture
5 avenue de l’Opéra
75001 PARIS / Métro Pyramides

# EXPO FURTIVE / Gratuit / 19h-20h
IESA art et culture
5 avenue de l’Opéra
75001 PARIS / Métro Pyramides

# PARTY / 10 € /23h-06h
14, rue Saint Denis
Métro Châtelet.

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concours d’affiche organisé par Horizons-Informatiques, le forum entreprises-étudiants de l’ENSIIE

Ce concours est un concours graphique ouvert à tous et consiste à réaliser une affiche, le lot à gagner étant de 250€.

L’affiche validera les caractéristiques suivantes :

  • Comporter le logo officiel de l’ENSIIE et celui d’Horizons-Informatiques que vous trouverez respectivement ici et ici.
  • Toutes polices, images et autres insertions devront être libres de droits
  • Etre sous format A1 : 841x594mm
  • Etre sous format Photoshop Document .psd

L’affiche contiendra les informations suivantes :

  • lieu : Espace Charenton 327, rue de Charenton 75012 Paris
  • date : 14 novembre 2013
  • horaires : 13h-18h
  • le nom de l’association : Forum Horizons-Informatiques
  • le numéro de téléphone de l’association : 01 69 36 74 11
  • l’email de l’association :

Envoyez vos participations à avant le 29 avril.
Vous pouvez retrouver ces informations sur notre site

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Election du Bureau des Etudiants Groupe IESA 2012/2013

Les élections du Bureau des Etudiants du Groupe IESA débutent !
Les étapes :
> Dès aujourd’hui et jusqu’au 26 octobre, vous êtes invités à constituer des équipes (3 à 6 personnes maximum par équipe, un étudiant de chaque école au sein des équipes 1 Marché de l’art, 1 Métiers de la Culture et 1 Multimédia). Dépôt des listes des équipes : avant le 26 octobre à 13h à l’adresse suivante :
> Du 5 au 12 novembre 9h, vous pourrez faire campagne : présenter votre équipe et votre projets à l’ensemble des étudiants.
> Le vote aura lieu du lundi 12 au 16 novembre et les résultats seront connus le 16 novembre.
Nous invitons aussi dès à présent les équipes à penser à un projet d’after work dont ils auront en charge l’organisation pour fêter l’élection :)
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L’envol des ours:

Un voyage à la lueur de la belle saison

Spectacle Présenté par

Le Studio L’Envol

Invité d’honneur

Les Ours dans ta baignoire

Le temps d’une soirée, devenez scénariste !

Il s’agit d’un voyage autour de différentes, danses rythmé par une ligue d’improvisation qui fera la part belle à l’inventivité du public.

Les danseurs vous feront parcourir le monde en passant par le Flamenco, la danse Modern Jazz, la danse Orientale, le Nia, la danse Classique et le Hip Hop.

Des cours de danse seront à gagner !

JEUDI 28 JUIN 2012


Théâtre Le Passage Vers les Etoiles

17, cité Joly

75011 Paris

Plein Tarif : 10€ Tarif Réduit* : 8€ *(étudiants, – de 26 ans, chômeurs, élèves du Studio L’Envol)

Métro Père Lachaise (ligne 2 et 3) /Saint Maur (ligne 3)

Site de l’évènement:

Retrouvez l’évènement sur Facebook:

Horiana Mekdad

3ème cycle: Conduite de projets culturels- 2011/2012


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Invitation au concours Cineday


Concours Orange Cinéday

Pour participer à ce concours, ouvert à tous et ce jusqu’au 15 juillet 2012 , il vous suffit de réaliser une vidéo de 1m30s maximum représentant une parodie d’une scène culte d’un film culte en y incluant un personnage inattendu et/ou anachronique.

Un Jury composé des personnes de la société Orange, Publicis et Dailymotion déterminera 2 gagnants pour une dotation à 4000€ et 1000€.

Vous retrouverez les informations nécessaires sur la page du jeu concours

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